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What's The Deal With Ring-spun Cotton, Anyway?

Posted by Care Free Tees on 9/10/2014

You might have noticed on our website that we don't just make mention of our wonderful T-shirts being made from 100-percent cotton. We've gone a step further to describe our shirts as being made from Ring-spun cotton.

Yes, there is a method to our madness. We tout Ring-spun cotton for a very specific reason - because it is the strongest, most durable and yet softest cotton material you will find anywhere - while also being lighter than regular cotton fabric.

So what is it about Ring-spun cotton? How does it have better durability and less weight than a regular cotton T-shirt, for example? it comes from the processing. Ring-spun cotton takes the usual twisting of cotton fibers to make a strand of cotton fabric, but adds additional steps to make it stronger and softer.

Regular cotton fabric is pretty coarse in that there is little twisting of the fibers that come from the cotton plant. It's just enough to hold the material together to make a T-shirt. Ring-spun cotton, however, involves an extra process where the strands of the cotton plant are repeatedly pulled thinner and twisted, thinned and twisted, until it makes for a very fine strand and all the short "hairs" of fabric are extracted. What is left is a very thin fabric that it has all its coarseness pulled out so it feels softer against the skin, and all the strands are twisted so tightly together that Ring-spun fabric is actually stronger than regular cotton.

So here we are, offering quality T-shirts for babies, toddlers and adults, using 100-percent cotton that is actually stronger, more durable and softer against the skin than regular cotton shirts?

You betcha, because we believe in providing value for our prices - and value usually means quality, and you won't find better quality fabric anywhere. With the added bonus of cuteness! What more could you want?

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