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What in the Heck is a THING Shirt?

Posted by What in the Heck is a THING Shirt? on 6/26/2014

We’ve spent a lot of time working to explain what our THING shirts are and how customizing them works. However, in this post, we’re going to use the expanded space to break it down for you even more and get you speaking THING with us!

Remember Thing 1 and Thing 2? Cat in the Hat? Yes, those crazy, get-into-everything, chaos-on-a-stick twins! Our THING shirts are based on their cleverly designed costumes in the book and film. Within the scope of the THING circle decal on the shirt, we can customize your tee shirt with names, phrases, numbers, and even fractions and decimals. We think they are a wonderful, charming, and offbeat way to provide shirts for an event, a party, or a family.

Imagine Mom as Thing 1, Dad as Thing 2, various children as Things 3, 4 and the baby as Thing ˝. Or, imagine an expectant mom wearing a THING shirt that shows “Thing ˝ under construction.” Priceless!

For a family reunion, the family name “Patterson,” for example, can replace the “Thing” and everyone can be assigned their own Patterson number. Each person’s first name can also be placed below the Thing decal, and “Patterson Family Reunion 2014” (a total of three lines of text) can be added to the back of the shirt. Since they come in everything from newborn onesies to adult size 6 XL, the THING shirt will fit everyone!

We truly believe that there’s no end to the creativity you can employ in customizing a THING shirt. Not into numbers? No problem, instead create text that fits in the circular decal space, using an ordinary font, and we’ll do the rest.  Bachelorette and wedding parties, birthdays, anniversaries, high school reunions, company outings, and any event you can think to commemorate could benefit from a uniquely designed, custom THING tee.

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