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The Best Fabrics for Your Baby

Posted by Care Fee Tees on 8/18/2014
When it comes to the comfort and health of your baby, not all fabrics are created equal.

When shopping for baby clothes, you need to select clothing that is made of fabrics that breathe and are comfortable, easy to clean, and, considering how quickly little ones grow out of their clothing, inexpensive.

For most folks, the top fabric choice for baby clothing is cotton. Clothing made of 100% cotton is soft and comfortable. Moreover, this natural fiber breathes very well, which helps keep babies dry and free of skin problems.  

Also, cotton clothing is easy to take care of. It washes easily and can handle the hot water temperatures that baby clothing needs to be washed in so that it is sterilized. And, if you go with cotton knit clothing, you can be assured that the clothes will not shrink, will not need to be ironed, and will resist stretching.

Terry Cloth
Of course, there are plenty of other fabrics that make for great baby clothing. One of the best is terry cloth which is ultra soft, lightweight, and breathable. Admittedly, terry cloth is often made of a cotton and nylon blend.

Wool is great for winter wear. However, it tends to be scratchy, so wool clothing should only be a babyís outerwear and not against your babyís skin. Other than this single downside, wool is wonderful because it is warm even when wet and dries quickly.

Wow. What canít fleece do? Wearing this light, ultra-soft fabric is like being hugged by a dry autumn cloud. This fabric dries faster than any other fabric on this list does and is perfect for layering. If you and your baby live in a cool climate, you simply must have some fleece pieces for your wardrobe and hers.
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