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Have You Had "The Vest Epiphany?"

Posted by Carefree Tees on 11/20/2014

If you’re an internet-savvy parent you may already have been bombarded by the “vest epiphany” shared and blogged about by Mama Undone at tiarasandprozac.com. If not, you need to check out her discovery, which made us chortle like babies ourselves, not at Mama Undone, but with her, understanding what frazzled parents the world over know—there’s always something new to learn!

Sure, the “envelope shoulder” on the infant bodysuit has been around forever, but do you know why? Like the millions (maybe billions?) of parents before you, you probably thought the layered shoulder design was cute and just, well was the way it was. In fact, the envelope shoulder serves a real, important, and hygienic purpose!

Should your baby experience an over-loaded diaper (referred to charmingly by the SAHM blogger as a “poonami”), you can extricate the child from his or her suit by opening the envelope shoulder and pulling the cotton down off his or her shoulders, arms, and torso instead of dragging a soiled suit over their head and face!

Brilliant, right? Yes, and one of the best kept secrets in parent-dom apparently. Did you know that even the Gerber Corporation, that claims that Onesie™ is actually not a generic clothing descriptor like “pants” or “diaper,” but is their registered trademark, says on the baby brand’s own Onesie™ webpage that the “lap shoulder” (aka envelope shoulder) is described as existing for “ease of dressing,” with nary a word about the convenience of ripping the cotton off your child as quickly as possible without flinging, well, poo, everywhere.

The creator of this innovative design is apparently lost to history (although we’re going in search of the story now that we know they're lost!), and will post our findings on “The History of the Infant Bodysuit” as soon as we’ve found it! . It seems that infant bodysuit makers the world over were missing a key marketing point. Thanks Mama Undone for helping parents and babies everywhere!

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