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Customized and Themed Teen and Kid Shirts- Inspirations that Click

Posted by Owen on 8/14/2014

While others may see customized and matching shirts as ridiculous and unnecessary, still there’s no denying the appeal these shirts make on certain groups and individuals. Themed and matching shirts are now popular, thanks to the convenience it offers and the personality it delivers to persons who wear these. These types of shirts are now easily available online, and interested customers and clients can tweak the design and the texts imprinted on the t-shirts to make these appeal to different individuals for varying needs.  Thanks to its features, customized and matching shirts are now the rage among many families, friends and colleagues at work. And if you are still clueless as to where you can use customized and matching teen and adult shirts, then let the following tips serve as your inspiration.

Use customized and matching shirts for games

Themed and customized shirts can be used for sporting events. Instead of the usual sporting clothes and uniforms, a youth team can wear custom shirts in one color as their in-game uniforms.  It can be printed with the players’ last names on the back and can come with the school’s name or logo in front. Matching shirts can be worn by girls too from the cheering squad, thus complementing the shirts worn by the players.

Matching shirts for Physical Education classes

By wearing matching and fun t-shirts, teachers and kindergarten facilitators can add a new level of fun in their PE classes. Instead of simply placing their names and school logos on the shirts, educators can add a few more graphics or drawings into the shirts that represent their favorite cartoon characters or phrases. Simply conduct a survey to find out the characters that they love, and incorporate these into the t-shirts designs.

T-shirts for a cause

Matching and customized shirts can also work for fundraising activities that will be hosted by kids and teens. For those looking to generate extra funding or for those who want to invite attention to certain advocacies, t-shirts for a cause can work. Shirts can be customized to include logos, slogans and other messages in line with the direction of advocacies. These shirts will also allow the kids to ‘belong’ and feel invested in the advocacies that they are supporting.

Creativity is one’s limit when it comes to using matching and customized shirts. There are online stores that can allow you to tweak and customize the designs and texts of the shirts, thus making you realize any project you have in mind for your kids and teens.

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