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Custom T-Shirts Without the Designer Price Tag

Posted by Care Free Tees on 7/8/2014

Not all designer clothing has graced the infamous catwalks of Milan. Using a friendly online design company, anyone can create their own style. Custom-made t-shirts are a great way to express personality with a favorite image or a witty phrase. Before you place your order, consider a few questions.

What Is It for?

The great thing about custom t-shirts is that you are not restricted by selection. When you are the designer, anything goes. What is the occasion? Is there an occasion? You don’t even need one, but here are some great ideas:

  • Little leagues –
  • Talk to your child’s league or club coach. Custom t-shirts help unify teams and even stretch their budgets, which means lower fees for the parents. Infant and toddler t-shirts can help younger siblings feel included.

  • Family reunions –
  • Themes are a great way to unite family members, particularly those defiant types. Matching shirts for games and activities provide a little more competition and purpose, which in turn promotes more effort. Additionally, you can announce that your family is expecting without repeating the news hundreds of times.

  • The office –
  • Rather than wearing jeans and button down, spice up casual Friday with matching office apparel. Like with families, themes bring people together, creating positive rapport and better morale.

    What’s Your Size?

    Seemingly simple, a size chart can sometimes look like the nutrition label for a box of processed food. What numbers go where? Simply put, standard US t-shirt sizes use two measurements, chest and length.

  • Lengthis measured with the shirt lying flat, representing the number of inches from the highest point of the shoulder to the bottom hem.

  • Chest size is the number of inches around your whole torso from the fullest part of your chest. Alternatively, you can measure armpit to armpit and simply double the number. Size categories are usually granted a two-inch leeway. For example, a small t-shirt would be expressed as a 34-36. Moreover, women’s’ sizes offer a slightly more feminine cut by shorting arms and hems.

  • You can now simply send in your specifications and sit back while the professionals handle your order. Designer to say the least, this is much more affordable than a fancy 5th Avenue price tag.

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