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Cool Parents Make For Cool Babies

Posted by Care Free Tees on 9/3/2014

Dressing up the brand new bundle of joy in cute shirts and onesies is a temptation that few young parents successfully resist. And why should they, really? Is there a single thing in the world cuter than a baby wearing an “I’ve been in the Batcave for nine months” t-shirt? Not even a platoon of kittens can match that cuteness overload.

Still, if you see a baby being pushed around in a stroller with a cool little outfit, does that mean that the baby has a developed fashion sense, or a good sense of humor? It doesn’t, but what it does mean is that the baby’s parents are fashion-aware or like to dress their baby in funny little outfits. That’s how cool parents make for cool babies – they appreciate the fact that when it comes to dressing up your kid, the younger it is the more freedom you have. And they take the advantage of the fact, too.

If you want to be a cool parent when it comes to choosing the best clothes for your baby, having a funny print on a tiny t-shirt is not enough. There’s much more about baby clothing you should know in order for you baby to be a happy and smiley little human. When it comes to t-shirts, you need to think about two things – material and design.

For materials, you should always go with cotton. There’s not a single thing in the world that is as soft and soothing to the baby’s skin as cotton. You should also make sure you get the t-shirts that are made by respectable and trustworthy companies, especially if they are in color, so you know that there’s nothing in the production process that will end up irritating your little ones.

And for the design, you should always go with a wider collar, because babies tend to have big heads, and pulling something over it might be a bit scary for them and the parents alike. If you and your baby are scared of those collars, you can always go with a shirt that has some buttons on the side or the back, and doesn’t have to be put on over the head. And of course, a shirt that buttons on the bottom is always a great idea, as it will keep everything in place and prevent the shirt from rolling up.

If you get the material and the design right, you’ll get a baby that’s happy to wear any type of printed shirt you think looks cute on it. Star Wars themed prints, popular memes, spoof of famous lines from movies or commercials – the sky is your limit, as long as both you and your baby have fun.

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