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Carefree Tees Say the Darndest Things!

Posted by Cherry on 5/23/2014
Kids say the darndest things, if Carefree Tees are any indication. And why not? Toddlers can get away with darn well anything by sheer cuteness and, with custom shirts, wit! What better way to scream their arrival than by sporting shirts that announce, "It's great to be out!" (And who wouldn’t, after nine months of living in the 'batcave'?) Cute girls could give Barbie a run for her money with a onesie that broadcasts 'Step Aside Barbie There's a New Doll in Town.' And if you are too modest to own up your child's good looks, then wrap them up and gift to expecting couple friend who has always been fond of tongue-in-cheek sayings.
Carefree Tees are a great way to break the ice with families, friends and relatives, and even strangers, who might appreciate the amusing - and true! - remarks plastered on innocent beings. Wouldn't you giggle at the thought of spanking Grandma who's spoiling her grandchildren? Or feel warm and fuzzy if you see the bond between parent and child and the babies wearing their hearts on their sleeves with a 'Hooked on Daddy' or 'Don't Cha Wish Your Mama Was Hot Like Mine' slogan? Carefree Tees is going against the grain of conformist baby fashion. And this makes excellent gifts to parents who share the same view.
Well, of course, Mom and Dad should sport the same tees; after all, they are the adults here and expected to know better! Or maybe an aunt or uncle would like to chime in, and there's no reason why they could not join the fun. After all, some kids do look more like the children of their parents' brother or sister, or a chip off the old block from Grandpa's side. Custom shirts allow for big family fun that otherwise is not normally verbalized.
Custom tees, while all cute and fun, set the tone for raising a child. ‘Sensible’ parents are likely to disapprove of these silly sayings, so if you are more receptive to this fashion, it speaks of your own mindset which, in turn, influences the child. A home atmosphere filled with laughter and joy and humor is, after all, the best place to emerge from to become a well-adjusted adult. 
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